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Magedoma hockey history

The Brockville Magedoma hockey club (named after the Fulford' family yacht) was formed in 1904 by Senator George Fulford and was sponsored for next 50 years by both he and George T Fulford.

The Magedomas started as an intermediate, then a senior hockey team in BrockvilleOntario.

In 1929, as a team in the intermediate Rideau Group in the Ottawa District Hockey Association. The Magedomas won the league playoff title in every season they played in.

In 1934, hoping to find more competition, the Magedomas joined the Ontario Hockey Association's Senior B series. They won that title and then lost out in the 1933-34 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.  The next season they played in the Ottawa City Senior League where they again won the playoff title.  In 1935-36 they were finalists in the Eastern Canada Allan Cup, coached by Jesse Spring and Trainor Frank Reynolds.   That would be their last season.

The Brockville Magedoma name was revived on the hockey scene in the early fifties.  From 1951 to 1954, the Brockville Magedomas senior amateur hockey team joined the New York - Ontario Hockey League.  The Magedomas won the league championship in all 3 seasons that they competed in the NYOHL.

In 1954 and 1955, the Magedomas moved to the Eastern Ontario Senior Hockey League (EOSHL) and remained “the most prominent sports team in the town”.

The latest iteration of Magedoma hockey is Brockville's Magedoma Old Timers Hockey, playing out of the Brockville Memorial Center since 2008.  The Magedoma's hockey heritage continues as an organization providing recreational hockey for participants aged 55 and up in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fellowship; blending players with varying abilities and ages.


We are proud to boast that we have active members from 55-84 years old and have had our share of success at regional and provincial tournaments! We are definitely more than just Brockville's senior shinny hockey group, we are truly a men’s club providing a venue for the social atmosphere we all crave, creating long lasting friendships, and of course, great recreational hockey.



History of the Magedoma

What's in a name you ask??  Well, the Magedoma name has a long and treasured history.  The Magedoma, originally named the Cangarda, was built in 1901 by ship-builders Pusey & Jones in Delaware.  Originally owned by Charles Canfield, the Cangarda was sold to George T. Fulford in 1904, when he changed the name to the Magedoma, a name made by combining the first two letters of his family’s first names: MA for his wife Mary, GE for his son George II, DO for his eldest daughter Dorothy, and MA for his middle child Martha.

The Magedoma remained in the Fulford family until 1941 when it was donated by the family to the war effort as a training vessel under the name HMCS Cataraqui. After the war, the yacht was renamed Cangarda and changed hands a number of times. In 1999 the Cangarda was half-sunk in the Boston Harbour for a year and a half.  In 2003 a prominent California-based yachtsman purchased the ship and underwent extensive restorations for five years, eventually being relaunched in 2008. 


Click here to learn more about the name, the yacht and it's history and if you're visiting Brockville this summer, be sure to visit Fulford Place and walk the same halls as royalty. Get a rare glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of another era and discover the story of Senator George T. Fulford who once owned the historic vessel.  There is also a model of the Magedoma yacht on display!

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