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Magedoma Old Timers recreational Hockey Tournament March 2024


The Brockville Magedoma Old Timers Tournament is a recreational tournament for players 60 yrs +.  All games will be played at the Brockville Memorial Center in Brockville Ontario.

2024 March Tournament Status Board


The Magedoma's hockey club would like to welcome back teams from Kingston, Morrisburg and Westport for our 2nd annual tournament!

We would also like to send out a warm welcome to our 2 new additions to this years event!  Teams from Kemptville and Shawville will be joining the fun at the Memorial Center March 19th & 20th!!


The 2024 Magedoma Old Timers hockey tournament will run from Tuesday March 19, 2024 through Wednesday March 20, 2024.  All games will be played between the hours of 10AM to 4PM with each team being guaranteed 3 games over the 2 day period.  There will be no overtime for any games played, and because it is a recreational tournament, there will be no playoffs.

This tournament is purely RECREATIONAL.  At this age we don't need any more trophies, medals or ribbons to have a good time.  We play this tournament purely for the love of the game and for the opportunity to re-ignite old friendships as well as hopefully creating a few new ones along the way! 

All games will be fully officiated with certified officials using a 2 official on ice system.  

For more information, contact:

Doug Duke

Pete Deacon


2024 Entry fee $1000.00 per team


Entry Fee includes:

  • 3 games guaranteed.

  • An adult beverage and food ticket post game per player and coach redeemable on-site in the Memorial Center conference room (additional food and beverage tickets available for purchase)

  • Swag bags for all participants containing goods from local sponsors.

  • Player gift

  • Laughs & lies amongst friends old and new 

  • One free entry into the Magedoma raffle for a variety of valuable gift baskets (additional tickets will be available for purchase for $5 at the ticket desk)

  • ....and perhaps a few other surprises!!


Additional 2024 tournament bonus!!!

  • Participate in our tournament raffles!!   There will be a number of draws for a variety of great prizes from our generous sponsors!!  The prize list continues to grow and currently includes Sens tickets, professional carving knives, booze baskets and more!  Draw will take place on Wednesday March 20 at noon!



To join in the fun please contact:

Doug Duke 

Pete Deacon

Tournament Rules

1. Age Rule:    All players participating in the Tournament must be 60 years of age on the date of their first game.


2. Punctuality:   Teams must be ready to start on time or game will be forfeited.


3. Equipment:   It is recommended that all players wear at least a half shield/cage to protect their eyes from accidental high sticks or wondering pucks. All goalies should wear either their team sweater or a similarly coloured sweater.


4. Rough Play:    Any team displaying unnecessary rough play will be warned once, and if the warning is ignored, the team will be expelled from the tournament. A player who shoulders, pushes or intentionally does not avoid contact with an adversary player will be given a minor penalty (2 minutes).

Players that fight will be assessed a major penalty and will be expelled from the remainder of the tournament and the team will play short-handed for five (5) minutes. If an instigator is identified, a minor penalty (2 minutes) will be assessed.

 Butt ending, spearing, kicking, hitting from behind will result in a player being assessed a match penalty and result in automatic expulsion from the tournament. A major penalty (5 minutes) will be assessed to the team and a player that was on the ice will serve the penalty.

 Any player assessed three (3) minor penalties will be assessed a game misconduct penalty.

Duration of Penalties:

Minor..........    2 minutes         Major...........   5 minutes           Misconduct... 10 minutes

All other decisions taken by the referee will be in accordance With C.A.R.H.A. rules


5. NO SLAP SHOTS:  The hockey blade will not be lifted higher than the knee before it is released. If so, play will be stopped and a face off will take place in the offending teams zone.


6. Icing touch back:  In order to reduce the number of faceoffs and preserve the flow of the game there will be no icing calls.  Instead, the team that iced the puck must wait outside the blueline until the retrieving team moves the puck out of the defensive zone, beyond the blueline.


7. Length of Games:     50 minutes - 2 periods

A.   Warm up - 2 minutes

B.    First period – 20 minutes

C.    Second period – 25 minutes   (last minute stop time if tied or two goal difference)


8. Number of Players:    No limit. As many as you wish can be dressed for each game.  We recommend using 14 players.


9. Spare Goaltender:  Teams with only one goaltender dressed, must, in case of accident or sickness, accept a replacement goaltender selected by the Tournament Committee.

Tournament charitable contributions

All proceeds from the 2024 Magedoma hockey tournament will be contributed to local charities.  The 2024 recipients will be the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation (New Beds Initiative) and Brockville's Weekender Program for Kids. 

Your donation can be made by selecting either of the links above.  Donated funds will remain in your (or your company’s) name, is tax deductible (directly through the selected charity), and will count toward our tournament’s fundraising goal.  More importantly, your donation will contribute to helping those in need in our surrounding communities.


100% of all donations made will be added to the event’s overall proceeds. There are no administrative costs thanks to our wonderful volunteers!!

Thank you to our 2024 sponsors!!

The Brockville Magedoma Old Timers would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their generous donations and assistance in making this tournament an annual success story!  Please visit our sponsor page HERE , but more importantly, please support them in our wonderful community!

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